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"Your lift really does the job." FIRESIDE PLUS

PRESS PLAY to watch the Escalera CopyCaddy™ and the Escalera StairCat® move
large copy machines. One person can load and unload delivery vehicles, maneuver
in confined spaces, roll on rough terrain, and climb steps with power!

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Lift Hitch Schematic and Parts ListLift Hitch Instructions,
Schematic and Parts List
1.9 MB

Tilt the Escalera Forklift to start the forks and legs through the box frame of the LH-3 Lift Hitch. Push on the top handles to slide the Escalera Forklift firmly into the LH-3 Lift Hitch.
Activate the winch to tighten the Escalera Forklift securely in the LH-3 Lift Hitch. A security cable is provided to lock the lift in place. Lift Hitch carrying the Escalera Forklift

Higher ground clearance can be achieved with the LH-3
Lift Hitch by configuring it to carry the lift with the
forks parallel to the bumper.




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